Nearly a quarter of Australian start-up business are founded outside of capital cities, according to a new report from Universities Australia and Startup Muster

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Our most recent Episode… Darryl Branthwaite

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PL – EP6: Darryl Branthwaite – Come to me with a Solution not a Problem

You know the saying; “come to me with a solution, not a problem”. You’ve probably heard it a million times and even had it thrown back at you from time to time.

Well, Darryl Branthwaite has turned that notion into an artform. And, what’s more, he is known for reeling in his whole community along the way.

The fishing pun is intentional. But more on that a bit later.

Darryl is the head of the GAPDL – Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Limited – which is the lead promotional body for the region, located on the Queensland Coast at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef.

In a place like Gladstone, and to someone with regional business experience, necessity becomes the mother of RE-invention and innovation. A strong reliance upon the resource, mining and heavy industry sector has seen what, was once a smaller coastal fishing nook, grow into a thriving economy not unfamiliar with the cycles of boom and bust.

Through the economic cycles, big new things and growing pains, there was one constant, Darryl maintains – and that’s the Gladstone region community.

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