The Doers

Meet The Doers – These are the inspiring, driven people who make innovation in our regional, rural and remote communities a reality.

They make things happen. They back themselves. And, most importantly, their willingness to think beyond the usual and take The Leap puts them at the epicentre of Australia’s business and innovation landscape. In the brief bios of our Doers below you will find links to their webpages, facebook, blog and the podcast is linked to the title.

If you know of any Doers who’s story needs to be heard please email us or message us on facebook.

TOEVS-10 PL – Ep 4 – Jason Toevs 

As doers, taking the leap in the first place is scary. We all know that. But scaling up? Taking the risk to compete on a global scale? That is a different story.. Jason Toevs VP of Alyss Analytics in Kansas US,  spoke with Meredith and Tara in Episode Four of Project Leap; imparting some of his vast knowledge around scaling up and backing yourself in a global setting. Jason has Australia in his blood, lives and works in the US, and has made scaling up in a global marketplace into an art form. Whatever your business, staying blinkered with a local mindset could be cruelling your business’ potential. Listen to Jason for some great insight in thinking big through using and integrating with the tech changes.   Check out Jason or connect to him on his website, linkedin or our blog about Jason.

Untitled design-3 PL – Ep 3 –   Richa Joshi 

In Project Leap’s third episode, Tara and Meredith talk to Queensland innovator and small business owner Richa Joshi. Richa, who owns a small but nationally-recognised business, Dual Nation, has interwoven the stunning elements of a big personality, an inherent belief in community and the possibilities that come from bring people together in a real and powerful way. Hers is a brand of innovation that connects. It is one that matters. Not just to her, but to a community still trying to come to terms with things like cultural integration, acceptance and understanding. Check out her business website and Facebook page and our blog about Richa.

Untitled design   PL – Ep 2 –   Matt Golinski

In Project Leap’s second episode, Tara and Meredith talk to the charming Matt Golinski. Whilst many people think they know Matts story over the years,  we wanted to share why we believe Matt is a “Doer” for regional Australia.   Over the last 3 years Matt has been working in rural and regional towns supporting to create growth opportunities in these economies by delivering events to boost the food ecosystems in these regions. Check out more about Matt in Project Leaps blog, his facebook page (like for any upcoming events).

terryhawkins-image.jpgPL – Special Edition – Terry Hawkins 

Terry Hawkins, who spoke with Project Leap during a Special Edition of the podcast, has had to reinvent herself time and again.  Terry Hawkins is a native Queenslander, now living in Los Angeles since 2010. Terry is an organisational education and transformation expert, having run Progress Retail (formerly People in Progress Global) for over 28 years. Terry was inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame in 2010, and in 2014 was listed as one of the Top 60 Motivational Speakers in the world, and the Top 10 in women!  Also an accomplished best-selling author,  Terry shows people how utilise our past, as fuel for our future. Check out more about Terry in Project Leaps blog, website and facebook page.

28536680_10157654864034848_498274873_n   PL Ep 1  – Deb Rae 

Deb Rae has turned tragedy into purpose, pain into a drive to excel, and healing into a pathway to success. To say Deb Rae is a coach, though, is to too narrowly categorise her vast and inherant skills. Certainly, coaching is one string to her bow. But then, through her Mackay-based enterprise, Deb Rae Solutions, so too is facilitation, community connectivity, grief support, authorship, culture development, public speaking and personal and business mentoring. Check out more about Deb in Project Leaps Blog and her TEDX Talk about being a master of your own time and space.