PL-Ep6 – Boom to Bust and Back again brings hope ..

You know the saying; "come to me with a solution, not a problem". You've probably heard it a million times and even had it thrown back at you from time to time. Well, Darryl Branthwaite has turned that notion into an artform. And, what's more, he is known for reeling in his whole community along [...]

PL – Ep 3: Richa Joshi – Build your community. Break down barriers. Then, the rest will follow

It all started when she saw a business she really believed in. Pride in dual nationalities is something close to Richa Joshi's heart. And that was obvious when she spoke to Meredith and Tara for Project Leap's third episode. As a proud Australian woman and a proud Indian woman Richa saw in Dual Nation a [...]