It’s stating the obvious, isn’t it?

But oddly, I find myself in in the depths of concentration neglecting that thing which should come naturally.

And even more peculiar is the regularity with which catch myself out.

It was an especially difficult day in a former life when I was sitting in my office, staring at the screen, when my then deputy editor walked in and said one single word: Breathe.

I had actually been holding my breath. Tense. Removed. Present but not mindful.

Focused: Yes.

Effective: No.

Ever since that day I have caught myself out, time and again.

And it is a pose that has become a habit.

Stiffened shoulders, creased brow, clenched teeth, fingers on the keypad, eyes fixed on a non-descript space, usually somewhere on my desktop monitor.

I’m thinking. But I’m not.

I’m engaged. But I’m absent.

Until the penny drops and I remember once again to inhale, roll my shoulders and exhale.

For me, that’s my thing. It’s the sign when I need to walk away.

Disengage to re-engage.

But what’s important is now I can recognize it – even if, at first it had to be pointed out to my less-enlightened self.

We can all get caught up in the apparent important-ness of our lives and the task at hand.

But if there is anything that history shows us, it’s that so far we have all survived what’s been thrown at us.

We can worry, we can catastrophise, we can forget to breathe.

But to what effect; to what benefit?

This weekend is all about new life, new beginnings and letting go of what was.

Embrace that. Live it.

And as you do, exhale – loving every bit of the fabulousness that comes with doing so.

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